Pastoral Care Department

The Pastoral Care Department within Marymount University Hospital & Hospice represents a specific and professional discipline. It works with other disciplines in providing a holistic service that is geared to total patient care and ministry to the family. Pastoral Care is about expressing respect and care, about listening in a compassionate way and helping to create a space which recognises the spiritual needs of the patient and family.

Pastoral Care Service

  • Pastoral visitation providing accompaniment and pastoral counselling
  • Accompaniment during terminal illness, death and dying, inclusive of prayer and ritual
  • Bereavement support during the acute bereavement period leading up to, during and following death
  • Family support during the patient’s stay
  • Prayer services following death, assisting, where necessary, in funeral arrangements and removal service to the Church
  • Organising Bereavement Mass and Services on an ongoing basis
  • Staff support

Mass is held in the oratory Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 11.30am

Pastoral Care Team

Mr Anthony Boland

Ms Helena Daly

Rev Daniel Nuzum

Fr. John Manley

For further information please contact

Mr Anthony Boland Tel: (021) 4390811