Nursing Department

The Nursing department is led by the Director of Nursing, Ann Mahony and spans the two specialities of older person’s services and specialist palliative care. Ann is supported in her role by an Assistant Director of Nursing for older persons services – Chris Broderick and also an Assistant Director of Nursing for specialist palliative care services- Audrey Allen.

The Nursing department aims to provide a high quality, equitable care to patients/ residents and their families in line with the hospital ethos. The Nursing department is an integral part of a dynamic interdisciplinary team that is visionary and creative in meeting the needs of our service users.


Structure of the Nursing Department

Each ward/ department within the hospital is managed on a daily basis by a CNM (Clinical Nurse Manager 2) – often referred to as the ‘Ward Sister’ and their deputy (CNM1).

Additionally our community service is managed by a CNM3; specialist palliative care community coordinator.

There are also a number of supportive roles within the Nursing department including practice development coordinators, infection control nurse specialist, activities coordinator and night managers.

Quality and Risk

The nursing department is an integral part of the management of quality care for patients and minimising risk.  We constantly monitor and assess our service closely and always look for improvements.  Ultimately we are aiming to build a safety culture and culture of continuous quality improvement.  With this in mind, we always welcome comments and suggestions about the service, therefore we welcome emails of this nature at any time.


Further Information:

Ann Mahony  – Director of Nursing
Tel: (021) 4501201 Ext. 216.

Chris Broderick – Assistant Director of Nursing-Service for Older People
Tel: (021) 4501201 Ext. 287

Audrey Allen – Assistant Director of Nursing-Palliative Care
Tel: (021) 4501201 ext. 210