Services For Older People

Services For Older People

Marymount University Hospital has three wards that provide Long Stay/Continuing Care, Respite Care and Intermediate Palliative Care. The hospital shares its services with our specialist palliative care services.

Multidisciplinary Team

The multidisciplinary team provides a holistic approach to care. We aim to support and develop the on-going interaction between the residents and their families and between families and the staff of the hospital. All care is rendered in a professional manner, in an atmosphere of respect, warmth and friendship. We are in constant revision of our practices and procedures in accordance with international best practice so that we continue to improve the service and care that we offer our residents.

Admission & Referrals

Continuing Care – 45 Beds

Respite Care  – 12 beds

Palliative Care Support– 6 Beds


There are a total of 45 Continuing Care beds in the three wards. On each ward there are fifteen ensuite single rooms, two ensuite rooms with bariatric facilities and one four bedded bay. Each ward has  a spacious dining room and separate sitting room with a large balcony. There is also access from each ward to an enclosed garden.


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For further information please contact:

Continuing Care Enquiries:

Chris Broderick – Assistant Director of Nursing for the Service for Older People
Email: | Tel: (021) 4501201

Respite Care Enquires:

Irene Coleman- Secretary for the Service for Older People | Tel: (021) 4501201 Ext. 317

Palliative Care Support Beds Enquiries:

Chris Broderick- Assistant Director of Nursing for the Service for Older People
Email: | Tel: (021) 4501201
Audrey Allen- Assistant Director of Nursing Palliative Care Service
Email:  |  Tel: (021) 4501201

Recreational & Day Activities

Mairin Cronin- Day Activities Manger
Email: | Tel: (021) 4390802