How to get a Continuing Care Bed FAQ

What is Fair Deal / NHSS?

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme is a scheme of financial support for people who need long-term nursing home care.  Under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, you will make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State will pay the balance.  This applies regardless of the cost of care in your chosen place of care.

What is the total cost of a bed in Marymount University Hospital?

  • Your personal contribution and the governments’ contribution are determined by the NHSS office, not Marymount University Hospital.

Our only method of payment is a monthly standing order or direct debit to the agreed value based on the estimated amount to be invoiced each month.

Can I get my relative in for Continuing Care without NHSS approval?

NHSS approved are prioritised for admission and therefore you are strongly advised to apply for funding via the scheme.  Should you not be eligible to avail of the NHSS you may elect to pay the total cost of care fee directly to Marymount University Hospital, in this circumstance you will need to undergo a financial assessment by Marymount University Hospital.

Can I put my relatives name on a waiting list?

Yes, once the NHSS approval letter (first letter) has been received by the applicant.

Can I be guaranteed a bed in Marymount University Hospital?

We do our best to facilitate those who have their finance approved with the NHSS (second letter).  However, we cannot guarantee a bed as it depends on us having one available.

Can you care for all older people irrespective of their care needs?

We endeavour to meet the needs of older people.  However, Marymount cannot facilitate people who are at risk of wandering due to the open layout of the building. Marymount is not a ‘dementia specific unit’.  Needs will be assessed by a member of our team on an individual basis.

Do I contact Marymount University Hospital when I get financial approval?

Yes, make contact immediately update your progress on our waiting list.

Can I view the facility?

A visit to Marymount University Hospital and a tour of a ward and other facilities is encouraged.  Please ring in advance to arrange an appointment.

How long will I have to wait to get into a bed?

Unfortunately, there must be a vacant bed before a bed can be offered and therefore this is difficult to predict.  We have a waiting list for all those who wish to gain admission to a Continuing Care bed in Marymount.

I have been attending for respite- can I now stay for Continuing Care?

You need to follow the normal application procedure for a long term bed as previously outlined.  You cannot automatically stay in a respite bed as these are booked in advance by many people.

I have done my fair deal application but am waiting still- can I get a bed before this comes through?

We are unable to facilitate admissions without NHSS financial approval, as the NHSS does not back date their financial contribution.  Private payment for the interim period can be reviewed on an individual basis.