Services & Facilities

Services & Facilities

Clothing for Residents

We ask families to ensure that your relative, living in Marymount University Hospital has adequate clothing, appropriate to their needs:

  • Supportive Shoes
  • Stockings/tights/pop socks
  • Suitable day/night clothes

Dental and Optical Services

These services are available in the hospital as residents needs arise. Appointments can be arranged through the ward manager and the secretary for the Service for Older People .

Home Visits/Outings with Family and Friends

Although a resident may come and live in Marymount University Hospital, residents may make arrangements to go out visiting with family and friends. Residents may also if able, stay out overnight. However, this arrangement must be made in consultation with the Ward Manager and the Medical Director.

Hospital Shop

There is a newsagent located on the ground floor opposite the reception desk which is open 7 days a week from 8am-8pm. A variety of snacks, newspapers and toiletry items are available to purchase.

Laundry Service

Continuing Care residents may opt to use the hospital laundry service or residents/families may prefer to take the laundry home for cleaning.

To reduce the risk of  loss of personal clothing, it is essential for residents to have every item of clothing labelled. Non-labelled new garments, brought into the hospital, following admission, must be presented to the ward staff for labelling, prior to being placed in the resident’s clothes press – this reduces the risk of clothes going missing at a later date.  The hospital will provide individual clothing labels for each resident.

Respite admissions are not offered this laundry service and must therefore make their own arrangements.

We do not take responsibility for any garments lost or damaged in the Hospital.

Medical and Nursing Care

The Medical Director or the resident’s choice of General Practitioner attends to the medical needs of the residents.  The Medical Director attends for 15 hours per week.  South Doc service provide out of hours cover. If families wish to see the Doctor, please speak to the Ward Manager who will arrange an appointment for you.  In many cases, the Registered Nurses act as advocates, in matters of health and wellbeing, for the residents.  We encourage families of residents to also act as advocates and express any medical concerns they have and together, as a team, we will strive to respond in a professional manner.


All residents being admitted must provide a written prescription, signed by a Doctor.  Respite admissions must present their prescription on admission along with their prescribed drugs to the Ward Manager/Nurse in Charge.  If you have a special card, which gives details of any current treatment you are receiving (e.g. a Warfarin Card), please bring this with you to the hospital. Also, please inform the Ward Manager or Doctor of any allergies to drugs, body creams/lotions or food items you may have.


Residents are discouraged from having money in their possession. In the interest of safety, cash in excess of €20, is considered unnecessary.  There is a locked press in each room to which residents are issued with a key and the ward manager holds a duplicate. Residents are advised that property and cash brought in during their stay, is retained at their own risk.


Daily newspapers are available to purchase from the hospital shop.

Nursing Staff

Registered General Nurses and Health Care Assistants provide nursing care. Most of our Health Care Assistants have completed a FETAC Level 5 health care course.  Student Nurses from University College Cork are allocated to Marymount University Hospital to fulfil their placement in the Care of Older People. 

Personal Property

Personal items, familiar to the resident, for example, photographs, ornaments or small items are welcome. The hospital does not take any responsibility for the loss of property held by a resident.


A Physiotherapy Service is provided. The Physiotherapists operate under an open referral policy and may also receive requests from the Medical Director and nursing staff, to assess and treat a resident.  Residents and families may also request to speak to the Physiotherapist, by arrangement.  The aim of physiotherapy is to assess each resident and provide a treatment plan suitable for each individual, aiming to maintain and improve mobility, strength and function.


A Podiatrist visits the hospital every two weeks.  Residents may avail of this service following an assessment and/or expressed need by a resident or family member. Residents may also select a Podiatrist or Chiropodist of their choice who are welcome to visit the Hospital or alternatively residents can visit them in their private clinic. Diabetic residents are seen more frequently. There is a charge for this service.

Postal Service

You are very welcome to receive post here. Outward post is also facilitated. Stamps can be purchased from the Hospital shop.

Protection of Residents

In keeping with the Mission Statement of our Hospital, the dignity of each person is given paramount attention. Any observation or reporting of inappropriate behaviour towards a resident is taken seriously and is managed in accordance with the hospital’s policy on the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults at Risk of Abuse.

Recreational & Day Activities

Marymount University Hospital has a designated Activities Nurse Manager who provides a weekly calendar and choice of events. A wide variety of organised social activities are available. Individual and/or group sessions are facilitated.

The resident is supported to continue to be an active member of society through social outings, visiting community groups and volunteer involvement. Activities and therapies are creatively developed and provided through individual preferences, needs and goals. Specialised therapies are designed to facilitate communication and sensory stimulation.

The following is a sample list of the activities available to the residents of the Hospital:

  • Music Song & Entertainment
  • Music Therapy
  • Gardening
  • Art, Craft & Textiles
  • Circuit Training
  • Pilates
  • Sit Fit Activity
  • Bowling
  • Complimentary Therapies
  • Mediation & Reflection
  • Social Outings
  • Coffee Mornings & Afternoon Tea Events
  • Games, Bingo, Table Quizzes
  • Cooking & Baking
  • Happy Hour
  • Hairdressing
  • Men’s Shed
  • Bridge

  • Step into Sound Project
  • Creative Dance
  • Flower Arranging
  • Art Therapy
  • Life Story Project
  • Go for Life
  • Walking
  • Sonas
  • Religious/Spiritual Programmes
  • Multi-Sensory Therapy
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Poetry & Storytelling
  • Reading, Literature & Computers
  • Mobile Library
  • Pet Therapy
  • Jacuzzi (on each ward)

Relatives & Visitors Notice Board

Items of interest and news of any forthcoming events are posted on the notice board on each ward. There is also a notice board located near the reception area on the ground floor.

Residents Advocacy Meeting

A meeting is conducted bi-monthly, thereby providing a safe forum for residents to meet and articulate their opinions and suggestions on any area of life within the Hospital.  Every effort is made to act on any proposals or suggestions made. This meeting is facilitated by a volunteer advocate.


There are also shops in Bishopstown (5 minutes North by car) or Dunnes Stores (5 minutes East by car on the dual carriageway). Additionally, Ballincollig has a variety of shops and restaurants (10 minutes by car).


This is strictly a non-smoking hospital and we thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a smoke free environment within the hospital. Designated smoking areas are available for residents only.

Specialist Dietary Support

Specialised dietetic support is considered on an individual basis and a fee may be incurred for this professional service.

Speech and Language Therapist

Should the need arise, this service is provided by the Health Service Executive, following a referral from the Medical Director.

Spiritual Care

The medical and nursing team endeavour to provide care to residents, which reflects the resident’s individual religious, spiritual and cultural requirements. Residents of all faiths, and those of none, are respected and facilitated, if possible.  The Ward Manager can arrange a visit from your chaplain or spiritual advisor, if this is requested.

The Oratory is situated on the ground floor, and is open to all who wish to use it as a place of peace and quiet. A dedicated quiet room is also available on the ground floor adjacent to the Oratory. Pastoral care is available to all residents and a Chaplain is available on request.

Mass is available in the Oratory on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. Alternatively Mass is relayed to the residents bedside via the television if the resident chooses to select that channel. Residents are afforded a choice about participation or abstention of any or all religious or spiritual rituals.

Ministers of the Eucharist bring Holy Communion to the residents, who wish to receive, on each ward throughout the hospital, each day.


Residents are welcome to receive calls at any time. Each bed has a telephone and can receive calls directly. Please expect a delay in transferring the call as many residents need assistance with the phone handset. Credit for outgoing calls from resident/patient room phones may be purchased at reception (card deposit fees apply).

Television & Internet

There is an entertainment system located at each bedside from which residents have access to the Internet, Skype, Radio & TV channels. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital and if you wish to avail of this, please contact the main reception to obtain the relevant password.


Residents/families are responsible for providing all necessary toiletries. We ask you to provide a variety of toiletries, as these items are very important in enhancing the hygiene and dignity of each person in our care. The hospital does not provide a budget for the provision of such items.

The items required are:

  • Liquid Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Moisturiser
  • Shampoo
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

    • Denture cleaning agent – if needed
    • Hairbrush/comb
    • Any other specific lotions /creams used while at home
    • Vaseline for lips – if used at home
    • Razors


(Incontinence wear is provided by the hospital for our Continuing Care & Palliative Care Support Residents, while Respite admissions bring in their own supply, if required).


If a resident needs to attend an outpatient appointment or other clinics, families are requested to accompany the resident or relative and cover transport costs. This does not apply to residents who require ambulance only transfers.