Infection prevention and control is of the utmost importance in Marymount University Hospital & Hospice. Patient/resident care is at the centre of everything we do and we strive to minimise patient/resident exposure to infection.

We are following national guidelines to help manage the Covid-19 pandemic. As per Level Five restrictions, we are currently restricting visitors into our services. Please contact your relevant ward manager on 021 4869100 for more information. 

Infection Prevention and Control Nurse

Some of the key functions of the Infection Prevention and Control Nurse (IPCN) include:

  • Liaising with all departments and personnel within the hospital, providing advice on all aspects on infection prevention and control
  • Educating staff regarding potential risks of infection
  • Providing, monitoring and reviewing policies and guidelines for the prevention and control of infection
  • Communicating and providing information to staff on infection control
  • Educating patients/ residents and their relatives regarding infection control precautions and the importance of hand hygiene
  • Auditing infection control practices throughout the hospital

The IPCN advises on infection prevention and control but it is the responsibility of everyone – staff, residents/ patients and visitors to ensure that infection prevention and control practices are followed very carefully.

For further information please contact;

Elaine Landy, Infection Prevention and Control 021 4869100,