Palliative Care Services Visiting Restrictions

As a precautionary measure related to COVID 19 we regret to inform you that our palliative care services are now closed to visiting, bar absolute exceptional circumstances. 

This decision has not been taken lightly and is solely based on the interests of all our patients, staff and visitors to ensure service continuity. Thank you for your understanding and patience at this time.

Service for Older People Visiting Restrictions

As per national guidelines, up to two visits per week will be permitted for each resident in the Service for Older People from March 23rd.

Please note that all visits must be scheduled with the ward. Tel: 021 4869100.

  • Max of 2 visits per week
  • Max of 1 visitors per session

As of April 5th visits can be arranged on the following days with a limited number of visits allowed per day; Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between the times of 14.30-17.00.


If you have any questions on any element of the above please get in touch with the relevant ward/nurse manager.

In these unprecedented times we continuously strive to provide the best possible care whilst being ever mindful to keep our patients, their visitors and our staff safe. We acknowledge how important and valued visits are and we are constantly trying to strike a balance between safe practice and visiting access for families and friends.

We endeavor to share additional information and updates with you through our website as they develop.

We understand and appreciate how important it is to stay connected with loved ones at this time and we encourage virtual visits where possible through Skype, WhatsApp or phone 021 4869100.