Palliative Care Services Visiting Restrictions

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the period of level 5 restrictions.

The following visiting protocol has been put in place from June 1st. The protocols set out the process for visiting patients from five days after admission. Please note that from days 0 to 5 post-admission visiting will be allowed for compassionate reasons only in the best interests of all of our patients. All such visits must be arranged in advance with the ward.

  • One nominated core visitor is welcome every day from Tuesday to Sunday each week between the hours 2-6pm (last entry 5pm).
  • On Monday’s we request that all visits are virtual only, in order to give patients and families a chance to rest. Staff on the ward will be happy to facilitate a video call.
  • All visits must be booked through ward staff.
  • Two other nominated persons can book a visit on either Sunday, Wed or Friday.
  • The maximum capacity at any one time is 2 persons per visit.
  • The nominated visitors may either join the core daily visitor, or may come on their own for a visit.

Compassionate circumstances

For patients who appear to be imminently approaching end of life or in critical or compassionate circumstances a more individual approach to visiting may be taken as determined by management, the senior nursing and medical team.

Service for Older People Visiting Restrictions

From June 1st, in line with national guidelines we aim to facilitate up to four visits per week for each resident in the Service for Older People.

Please note that all visits must be scheduled with the ward

  •  Max of 4 visits per week
  • Max of 2 visitors per session

To reduce the level of footfall on any given day visits will be spread out over 4 days with a limited number of visits allowed per day as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
between the times of 14.30-17.00

For residents who appear to be imminently approaching end of life a more individual approach to visiting will be taken as determined by senior nursing and medical team members.

International visitors to Ireland who are not subject to mandatory hotel quarantine must still restrict their movement for 14 days and may not visit Marymount during that time. Exceptions may be made if there are pressing critical or compassionate circumstances as determined by the senior nursing and medical team. As per national guidance international visitors can end their period of quarantine earlier if they receive written confirmation of a negative or ‘not detected’ PCR test result taken no less than 5 days after arrival. The visitor must retain the written confirmation of this test result for at least 14 days

The above measures will be reviewed weekly taking into consideration the levels of Covid circulating in the community.  We thank you for your continuing support during the pandemic.

The following procedure will apply for each visit:

  • Hand hygiene must be performed and face mask applied.
  • Check in on iPad at the front door and proceed to the visitor’s reception desk where your temperature will be checked.
  • No further PPE is required for non-suspect visits.
  • Hand hygiene is also required on entry to ward and before their visit.
  • You are advised to maintain social distance during the visit.

Please do not visit Marymount if you or a member of your family is feeling unwell

Further information

If you have any questions on any element of the above please get in touch with the relevant ward/nurse manager.

In these unprecedented times we continuously strive to provide the best possible care whilst being ever mindful to keep our patients, their visitors and our staff safe. We acknowledge how important and valued visits are and we are constantly trying to strike a balance between safe practice and visiting access for families and friends.

We endeavor to share additional information and updates with you through our website as they develop.

We understand and appreciate how important it is to stay connected with loved ones at this time and we encourage virtual visits where possible through Skype, WhatsApp or phone 021 4869100.