Welcome to Marymount

We are delighted to welcome visiting for our residents and patients. We are still cognizant of high COVID levels circulating in our community and therefore of the risks to the vulnerable population for whom we provide care. The safety of our patients and staff is our priority at all times and we will do our utmost to stay open to visiting.


It is with regret that we inform you that we have a COVID outbreak in our services for older people. We will do our utmost protect those in our care.

We advise visiting is kept limited (for the time being). We advise 1-2 max nominated visitors. Visitors must wear a mask, sanitize their hands, ventilate the visiting space and limit time spent on the ward.

If you have any queries, please contact the ward before visiting.


  • Visiting is permitted Monday to Sunday from 12pm to 8pm
  • Visiting times are strictly enforced.
  • 2 Visitors in a bedroom at any given time.
  • IMPORTANT: We encourage patients to choose to have a complete rest day which is visitor free, allowing for relaxation, reflection and therapeutic intervention.
  • Check in at reception compulsory and antigen test must be completed.
  • You must wear a medical face covering at all times while on site.
  • You must clean your hands with the alcohol gel provided when entering and leaving wards/rooms/building.
  • IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT VISIT if you have any cold/ flu like symptoms – we can arrange a virtual visit instead.

*Visiting protocols are being reviewed on a weekly basis.

Infection Control 

One of the most important ways of reducing transmission of infection from person to person is by good hand hygiene. Visitors to the hospital should use the alcohol gels available throughout the hospital to clean their hands before and after visiting patients or residents.

Further Information

The above guidelines have been introduced for the safety and wellbeing of our patients, residents and staff. For inquiries, call (021) 486 9100

Thank you for your understanding and patience with our protocol & we thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe in Marymount.

Updated 7th November 2022